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Who We Are

Commonwealth Elder Law, LLC is a leading provider of elder law services to the residents of Kentucky.

By utilizing an in-depth understanding of elder law and a unique dedication to meeting client needs, Commonwealth Elder Law, LLC aims to deliver legal services that help clients protect their assets, gain peace of mind and ensure needed long-term care as they age.

Let us help you age comfortably, affordably and securely.

What We Do for You

We provide the elder law services, including Medicaid Planning, VA Planning, Nursing Home Planning, Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship and Special Needs Planning, you need to ensure that you or a loved one are able to both protect family assets and ensure dignity of aging.

We are dedicated to providing clients with value for their money. In fact, our services often allow clients to save several times more in long-term care costs than they spend in legal fees.

We also take care to offer affordable services with no surprises. That’s why most services are billed on a flat-fee basis.

Our People & Our Resources

Our team is composed of friendly, highly knowledgeable personnel who are all committed to helping clients preserve their assets and best enjoy their “golden years.”

We also offer a large collection of resources so that clients can learn much more about elder care.

Delivering maximum
value for minimal cost

Elder Law focus with
a common sense approach

Get the close personal
attention you deserve

Authoritative action-takers
who get results

Working through the legal issues you are facing often requires time, patience and conversations with your lawyer. With so much to think about, you shouldn’t also have to experience the stress and time pressure that come with hourly billing. Remember, we offer flat-fee billing!

Our Benefits

  • Save your home and cash assets from long-term care costs
  • Protect your – or a loved one’s – assets while receiving long-term care
  • Get the veteran benefits and services you deserve
  • Ensure a disabled child benefits from an inheritance or lawsuit settlement
  • Ensure that your wealth is protected and able to be passed down to your heirs
  • Ensure that a loved one who can’t take care of himself or herself gets the care they need
  • Ensure your assets go to whom you intended them to go to and aren’t tied up in costly probate proceedings for too long

Our Commitment to You

At Commonwealth Elder Law, LLC , we understand the needs and concerns of families with elderly members and will work closely with you to ensure a favorable result to your issue.

To help ensure your satisfaction, we offer legal focus and superior client support. When you choose Commonwealth Elder Law, LLC to serve you, you are selecting a law firm that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service.
Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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Contact to Discuss Your Legal Needs

Our firm offers comprehensive elder law services, including estate planning and probate. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our firm, call us at 859-780-5748, or send us an email.

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