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The truth is that 70% of seniors will end up needing long-term care at some point in the future. Unfortunately, long-term care is expensive and can result in the loss of hard-earned assets. At Commonwealth Elder Law, PLLC , we provide the experienced legal services needed protect your home and other assets while also ensuring dignity of life.

Let us help you age comfortably, affordably and securely.

Commonwealth Elder Law, PLLC

Where Each Client is
Treated Like Family

Commonwealth Elder Law, PLLC is dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure the outcome you desire. You can count on us to utilize every applicable law and opportunity to protect your assets and peace of mind.

Practice areas.

  • Medicaid Planning
  • VA Planning
  • Nursing Home Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Guardianship
  • Special Needs Planning

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Americans are living longer than at any previous time. But that longevity often comes with health issues, expensive medical care and other problems.

Why We Do What We Do


Matthew Smith has dedicated his life to helping families with special needs and to helping the elderly protect their assets and age gracefully.

Previous work experience included serving as a financial advisor to families with special needs members and as a job coach for people with special needs.

Now he is thrilled to be able to use the law to help the elderly secure their assets and provide for their family members.

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